Supercharge your consulting practice in a live, no-holds-barred, powerful work session with David A. Fields.

It's Loud.  It's Invigorating.  It’s Consulting Rocket Fuel.

February 24-25, 2019 at the elegant, Benjamin Hotel in New York City



Too Few Clients in Your New Business Pipeline?

You'll learn how to attract (and win) a steady stream of consulting business.

Hard to Market for New Clients While You're Working?

David gives you the tools and systems he's used to build a high-functioning practice.

Struggling to Maximize Income and Flexibility?

Walk away with the keys to work/life balance, and a lucrative consulting practice that gives you extra vacation time.




  • Maximize your firm's marketing impact
  • Fine Tune your Fishing Line
  • Implement a CRM that actually drives new business
  • Master the conversation that turns relationships into clients
  • Develop and practice critical outreach scripts


  • Define your crystal-clear, consulting-firm strategy
  • Draft your visibility-building blueprint
  • Learn secrets to delivering more value with less effort
  • Design an Experience Plan that wows your clients at every stage of engagement
  • Identify and close the gaps in the people, processes and systems that accelerate your success

Finally, a Work Session Designed to Grow Your Solo Consulting Firm

Solo consultants work incredibly hard and face enormous pressure from all sides. Large swings in income, very little assurance of future projects, while somehow having to balance high-quality delivery with marketing for new clients… and a home life.

The Problem

What escapes notice is that the everyday demands of running a solo practice are masking the root problems that can limit a solo consulting firm’s success.

As a result, consultants get caught in a vicious cycle of wishing they could have a more lucrative, less stressful business, but ending up with pretty much the same revenue, profit and frustrations year after year.

Consulting is a personal business—especially for solo consultants. You are the product. Therefore, when the business results don’t meet your expectations or reach your potential, it’s easy to feel disappointed, frustrated, or just resigned. And that’s not fun. In fact, that’s just plain wrong. Consulting should be an uplifting profession. It should generate an abundance of financial and personal rewards.

The Story

Take the real-life case of Jerry, a financial services consultant from New Jersey. Jerry transitioned into consulting after two decades of corporate experience, culminating in the CFO role at a $200M company. Three years into his solo practice, he had absolute certainty that he could help his clients run more efficiently, save money and earn higher profits. Unfortunately, he didn’t have many clients to help.

After a few years, Jerry was still landing less than $200K in revenue per year, taking home a fraction of what he earned as a corporate executive, and struggling to keep up the lifestyle he used to take for granted.

I have encountered, literally, hundreds of "Jerrys." Jerry could just as easily have been a consultant in IT, operations, human resources, marketing, leadership, strategy, or virtually any other area. Most solo consultants look just like Jerry. You may be in a different industry, and maybe your annual revenue is $350K, $150K, or $75K. Chances are, though, your story is pretty similar.

The Solution

What if you could escape the vicious cycle that leads to the same results every year?

Jerry did by coming to the Solo Practice Accelerator and doubling his revenue while reducing his stress, anxiety and work hours.

The truth is, the difference is small between solo consultants who are living the dream and all the rest:

  • A handful of extra clients
  • A few points of extra margin
  • A bit less time required to deliver each project

The big difference is that successful solo consultants can rely on proven approaches to winning engagements and profitably delivering value to clients. They have faith in their ability to generate those extra clients, that extra margin, and that efficient delivery… and that faith evaporates the stress.

The Solo Practice Accelerator is two days of soaking up those proven approaches you know will work.

It starts with a 40-question, 16-point diagnostic that pinpoints the bottlenecks holding back your practice. Then it hands you everything you need to win more clients at higher fees and deliver a better client experience with less effort.

This isn’t two days of theory. You already know theory. You’ve read books, watched podcasts, maybe even attended a conference or two. This is much better, much harder, and much longer lasting. For instance, you won’t just learn about Fishing Lines. You’ll craft your Fishing Line then you’ll put it to the test more times during the Solo Practice Accelerator than you have every month for the past two years… combined!

You’re engaging in hands-on application of proven approaches so that when you leave, you’re already moving at high speed toward your best year ever.


Results from the 2018 Solo Practice Accelerator 

Force Multiplier

"Billings rose from $175K in 2017 to $550K in 2018. Almost a 4x multiplier!"

Sanjay* attended Solo Practice Accelerator - Salt Lake City, 2018

Stable Business

"In 2018 I gained two big new clients and raised my rates 25%."

Irene* attended Solo Practice Accelerator - NYC, 2018

Revenue Boom!

"I made $103K more in 2018 than in  2017. Credit to you and my fellow S.P.A. participants."

Alan* attended Solo Practice Accelerator - London, 2018

"Perfectly designed for the independent consultant. New or experienced, you will get a high return on your time and money."

Ian Tidswell, een Consulting, GmbH
Solo Practice Accelerator - London 2018

"Answered all the important questions I had been avoiding on how to really grow my consulting business."

Gregory Borel, Ampersand Partners
Solo Practice Accelerator - London 2018

"This workshop was the catalyst for improving my consulting business. Practical comprehensive and fun (really)."

Alistair Hodgett, Polwarth Strategy
Solo Practice Accelerator - London 2018

Meet David A. Fields

David helps consultants build rewarding firms. Period. From one-person shops to $50 million boutiques, David has helped hundreds of consulting leaders create the lucrative practices they always dreamed of running.

Take 2018: from the Michigan consultant who finally cracked six figures, to the solo practitioner in D.C. who hit $800K, to the partners in a Virginia firm who each pocketed a $1M bonus, David helped them exceed their goals.

In addition to being the author of the highest-rated book on building a consulting practice released in over 30 years, and keynoting for every major consulting association in the Americas, David is still a practicing consultant with a small firm. He has walked in your shoes and has solved the challenges you're facing.

What would more clients, higher rates and extra free time mean for you?

Limited Seats are Available

Breakfast, lunch and plenty of chocolate included.
(You'll receive location information after registration.)

2 Full Days



Sorry, the 2019 NYC Solo Practice Accelerator is Sold Out.

If you would like to be on the wait list for this event or get early-bird notification of the next Solo Practice Accelerator, please sign up for the wait list.


*Limited seats are available. Registration will close before the "available until" date if all seats are taken.

"This was the most useful event I ever attended as a freelance consultant."

Paul Ploumhans, Arvestria Consulting
Solo Practice Accelerator - London 2018

"Excellent workshop, well worth the trip from Hong Kong! Practical, actionable advice on all key aspects of building a practice."

Ian Mombru, Echbox, Ltd
Solo Practice Accelerator - London 2018

Frequently Asked Questions

Well, of course we don't know everyone who will be there yet.(You're coming, right?)

So far, about 50% of registrants have brand new, <$100k practices, about 25% have healthy, $200-350k practices, and about 25% already bring in over $500k.

That's a good mix and shows you'll be in good company no matter where you are with your practice.

The past three times we've run the program the attendees have been very high caliber, and already I can see this group will be excellent too.

Join us-- you'll make the group even better.

Wow, that's a good question! Is your goal more clients? Higher margin? More free time? You'll walk out with proven approaches to all three. What's a client worth to you? What about 20% higher fees? An extra day a week of free time? You'll be happy with your ROI in the Solo Practice Accelerator.


Most veteran consultants who are in my programs say, “I wish I had known this stuff from the very beginning.” If you're at the beginning, then you can start your practice in high gear, avoiding mistakes that others have made.

Plus, since many of your fellow participants have years of experience, you'll be able to benefit from their wisdom as well as mine.

Most attendees are experienced, solo consultants. Some have decades in the business.

The most common post-program comment I hear is, "I wish I had known this stuff from the beginning." Well, you can wait even more years to learn it, or you can shift your practice into (even higher) gear now.

Most of the testimonials you see on this page are from experienced consultants who were earning mid-to-high six-figures before they came to the Solo Practice Accelerator.

Breakfast is served starting at 8:00 a.m. and the session itself starts at 9:00 a.m. sharp.

We end each day at 5:00 p.m.


While some of the topics during the two days are covered in David's books, many are not. Also, topics that are in his books are handled very differently because the Solo Practice Accelerator is a work session, not a presentation.

For example, while you can read about the Five Marketing Musts, in the Solo Practice Accelerator you’ll actually be creating your own Visibility Building Plan. Similarly, you can read about The Turn, but during the Solo Practice Accelerator you’ll actually practice it, live, and receive coaching to become more proficient at the technique.

We're glad you asked, because, well, that means you're focused on results! No, there's no guarantee. We don't know whether you're focused on a hot industry and your solution is the greatest thing since sliced bread or, whether... well, you're not quite there yet. David's approaches are proven to work, but they still depend on you, so we can't guarantee the results.

The Benjamin Hotel
125 East 50th Street (at Lexington Avenue)
New York, NY  10022
(212) 715-2500



New York is a fun city, and since we didn't know whether you'd want to stay at the Benjamin, we've left your options open. You can stay anywhere you'd like! 

Sometimes after you make an investment you change your mind. We get that. So, you have 24 hours from your time of purchase for a 100%, no hassle refund.

Since there are limited spaces, though, we want to discourage cancellations. Therefore, after 24 hours, the fee is not refundable; however, you can apply it to other programs with David, including one-on-one programs with him.

No. All materials are included.

We'll be serving you a full breakfast and lunch both days. Plus plenty of chocolate, of course.

If you have special dietary needs, please let us know by February 17th. We'll do everything we can to accommodate you.

Other questions? Contact

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*Participants understandably don't like having their real names shared along with financial information. So, the identities have been disguised.


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